Everyone wants to belong and fit in but at the same time be unique and express yourself. All of this without being labelled or judged and keep your confidence. Besides the utmost, high performing quality and comfort, BOPET aims to be for the every man but also for the outlaw at the same time. Except for the pilot, which focusses on quality with a passe-partout design, every collection will be a collab with a passionated, talented and upcoming local artist. You'll be able to have an exclusive design and support your local artist while having an affordable and qualitative BOPET.

With a BOPET, you'll be the life of the party, the center of attention, and the comfiest person in the room. They're perfect for lazy Sundays, quirky holidays, intense workouts or whenever you want to add some extra joy to your day. Plus, they make a great gift for friends and loved ones - because who wouldn't appreciate great comfort and style.

The founders of BOPET want to share affordable, comfortable and fashionable products that will not only give you the confidence to be bold but also contribute to a better tomorrow. For every pair of BOPET sold, an impact is made. Together with B1G1, we carefully selected a project that provides disadvantaged children with warm clothes to protect them from the winter cold. Donations are made once a year. 

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